Bobbins in General

Benaka Electronics has set up its own Bobbins manufacturing unit to meet the needs of the transformer industry for high-grade quality Bobbins. The range of Bobbins made by Benaka is vast and meets international standards defined by EI Laminations, both of Imperial and Metric. But, in addition to these, we can develop custom-designed Bobbins as per the drawings of customers in Nylon, Paper Based Laminates and Glass Epoxy Laminates.

Our inventory of Bobbins is good to meet orders Ex-Stock on most occasions. In case we do not have the stock, the lead time for the deliveries is not more than a week in most cases.

Backed by a tool room for developing moulds and press tools, we can develop the necessary tooling to meet the demands of the customer for developing new Bobbins and related components.

Benaka Electronics can supply Coil Formers and Enclosures using Engineering Plastics like Nylon 6 -- Unfilled & Glass Filled, Nylon 66 -- Unfilled & Glass Filled, ABS,etc., All products are manufactured from high quality materials purchased from recognised and approved suppliers who meet international specifications.
The Bobbins can be supplied for different mounting arrangements like PCB Mountable, Clamps Mountable, etc., The PCB Mountable Bobbins come with the option of inserting the Silver-Plated Brass Terminals to suit the different PCB Board Mounting arrangements.

Benaka specialises in the supply of Bobbins with insert-moulded pins for the smaller Transformers.

For bigger sizes of Coil Formers, Benaka can supply the Bobbins with Paper Laminates and Glass Epoxy Sheets sourced from reputed companies in India.

Benaka Electronics has a comprehensive range of tooling that enables manufacture of mechanically-interlocked Bobbins for C-Core, E-Core & EI Laminations in both Metric and Imperial standards.