Clamps / Mounting Accessories

To complement our range of laminations, we supply a comprehensive range of transformer clamps, base plates and tightening metal bands suitable for a very wide range of sizes. These products can be used with the Metric and Imperial Range of laminations.

The Clamps and Brackets are made from CR Sheets and zinc yellow plated with passivation are nickel plated. Customized plating options are also undertaken as per customer requirements.

Customers can choose from the standard range of mounting accessories or provide their specific requirements. Backed by a full-fledged Tool Room, development of special pressed compounds or moulded components is taken up on customer request.

Benaka produces clamps for mounting the Transformers in different ways.  The L and C-shaped clamps are suitable for mid-sized transformers for Flying Lead arrangement and Terminal Plate arrangement respectively.

The U Brackets with base Plates when mounted on the Transformer almost cover the Laminations and provide a mounting arrangement on the chassis.

Benaka Electronics provides innovative solutions for the termination of wires with their range of I Strips with insert-molded pins and built-in isolation bushes. Top Hats (Nylon Bushes) of different sizes can be supplied for insulating the screws, used for fixing the clamps, from the Laminations.

Benaka supplies mounting bushes for cabinets and pins for fixing cooling fans onto the cabinets.
A range of metal plates and insulating rubber washers are available for mounting Toroidal Transformers. Benaka manufactures a wide range of insulation end caps for the Toroidal cores to be used before winding the copper wires onto the Toroidal cores.

Enclosures for Current Transformers can be supplied from our standard range of products.