Benaka manufactures a wide range of Coils & Inductors for electronic applications like Buzzers, Relays, Solenoids etc., Our infrastructure is capable of winding Bobbinless coils for speaker coil assemblies. Our production team is well-trained in handling wires as thin as 30 microns.

All coils, including toroidal coils, are wound on operator assisted winding machines, hence can handle very special winding specifications, shields, insulation requirements, etc. that are difficult to achieve on fully automatic machines.

The coils can be impregnated in our vacuum plan or can be epoxy coated as per the customer needs.

All coils are factory tested for compliance with the corresponding specifications. The result is excellent quality coupled with very low cost, even with small batches.

With a wide range of Bobbins manufactured in-house, we are able to facilitate a quick production of the Coils as per customer requirements.