Ferrite Transformers    

Benaka manufactures a wide range of Ferrite Transformers that meets Customer needs / design catering mainly to the Indian Consumer Electronics Goods manufacturers, Communication and Computer Industry. They are widely used in SMPS, Computers, Telecommunication Equipment, Electronic Ballast, Consumer Electronic Equipments. The Ferrite Transformers are ideal for high frequency applications as eddy current loss is much less than of metallic magnetic materials.

Ferrite Cores with a high permeability are used to confine and guide magnetic fields. The high permeability, relative to the surrounding air, causes the magnetic field lines to be concentrated in the core material.

The product range includes :

Ferrite Series of EI, EE, EP, ER, EFD, ETD, UU Cores                                    
Drum Cores
Ferrite Rods - Used for tuning an inductor, car ignition coils, etc.
Pot Cores
RM Cores
Toroidal Core