Laminations in general

From 1992 Benaka is a reputed supplier of EI Laminations, Strip Laminations, Power Transformer Laminations and Motor Laminations. We process Laminations in various grades of CRGO & CRNGO material with sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.20 mm to 0.50 mm. Benaka can also supply Slit Coils in CRGO and CRNGO Material as per the widths specified by the customers.

The annealing of Laminations is done in a pit-type furnace (With PID Thyristor Control) in an inert atmosphere to relieve any stress.

The required raw material is sourced directly from the Steel Processing Centres of reputed Steel Mills. Benaka maintains ample stocks of CRGO and CRNGO grade materials at any point of time facilitating the manufacture and supply of Laminations with short lead times.

The in-house tool room ensures that the tools are maintained periodically and are ground at regular intervals to ensure that the burr levels of the Laminations are maintained within acceptable levels.

                                                         EI-Single Phase Laminations                                                                                                              EI-Single Phase Laminations

                                                       EI-Three Phase Laminations                                                                                                                         UI Laminations

Benaka manufactures an extensive range of EI Laminations in Single Phase and Three Phase as per the International Standards (Metric and Imperial). We also manufacture a wide range of UI laminations.

Most of the EI laminations sizes are punched from various grades of CRGO and CRNGO materials using Progressive Tools loaded onto High Speed Presses fitted with CNC Roll Feeders.

A twin loop slitting line ensures burr-free slitting with close tolerances to feed the coils in our High Speed presses.

                                                                 Strip Laminations                                                                                                                    Power Transformer Laminations
Benaka is engaged in the manufacture of strip laminations as per customer specifications with / without Holes for use in bigger transformers and reactors. Customers can choose from a standard range of strip widths for a faster delivery. Benaka also meets specific customer needs in terms of width, with a lead time.

We also manufacture Mitre Cut Laminations for Power Transformer & Distribution Transformer applications in different grade of CRGO with sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.20 mm to 0.35 mm.

CNC-Controlled Cut-to-Length lines ensures faster production of Strip Laminations & Mitre Cut Laminations while maintaining consistency in dimensions and angles.
Benaka is capable of manufacturing Motor Laminations as per the customer-specified requirements. Benaka employs the conventional three-stage manufacturing process -- Blanking, Gang punching for Rotor and Stator for the production of the Motor Laminations.