Benaka manufactures an extensive range of Transformers and Coils for the Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications, Medical, Automotive, Home Electronics and various other industries. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Transformers for AC to DC Applications.

Backed by thorough testing and competitive pricing, transformers manufactured by us are the new-age power ranges of all your electrical needs. We mainly produce transformers in different versions, from Laminated to Ferrites and Toroidal types.

These vacuum-impregnated transformers can be supplied to meet customers’ specifications for the different classes of thermal insulation, shielding, special mounting, epoxy moulding etc

We also undertake development of Transformers and Coils as per customer specifications.

We recognize the need for quick production of samples / prototypes in the early stages of product development. Benaka is well-equipped / stocked with the required raw materials / components to enable production of samples for a quick turnaround.

EI Laminated Transformers
Benaka is capable of manufacturing EI Transformers in a wide range of sizes meeting the customers’ stringent design requirements using Quality grade CRGO & CRNGO EI Laminations......
Toroidal Transformers
Toroidal transformers offer many advantages over the standard laminated power transformers. Toroidals work silently; operate efficiently with very low stray magnetic fields......
Ferrite Transformers
Benaka manufactures a wide range of Ferrite Transformers that meets Customer needs / design catering mainly to the Indian Consumer Electronics Goods manufacturers, Communication......
Benaka manufactures a wide range of Coils & Inductors for electronic applications like Buzzers, Relays, Solenoids etc., Our infrastructure is capable of winding Bobbinless......