A transformer bobbin, also known as a coil former, is a vital component in the manufacturing of transformers. It serves as a container to hold wires, channels and supports the winding, facilitates easy insertion of the magnetic core, and provides connection and termination methods.

Benaka Electronics has established capability to produce high-quality bobbins that meet the stringent requirements of the transformer industry. The unique feature of Benaka’s bobbins is their careful design, which maximizes the winding area while maintaining sufficient rigidity to support the windings.

Currently, bobbins using materials such as nylon, paper-based laminate, and glass epoxy laminate are manufactured at our facilities. Upon request, we can also use special materials like UTR sheets and UL-approved FR4 sheets to make bobbins.

The range of bobbins is exhaustive and meets the international standards defined for Imperial and Metric EI Laminations. With our tool room for developing molds and press tools, we can develop the necessary tooling to meet the demands of customers for developing new bobbins and related components in a short turnaround time.

Consistent stock availability of standard size bobbins allows for instantaneous order fulfilment as compared to the short lead times for custom built bobbins.

Thanks to our wide range of bobbins, commitment to quality, and reliability, we are the approved source for the supply of bobbins to many multinational companies operating in India.


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