Transformers are critical components of any power system and require secure mounting to ensure their proper functioning. To achieve this, various clamps and mounting accessories are used.  Benaka, a leading manufacturer of mounting accessories, offers a comprehensive range, including clamps, base plates, tightening metal bands, and other components.

The company’s comprehensive range of mounting accessories caters to various transformer types, including Single-Phase, Three-Phase, and Toroidal Transformers.

Customers with specific requirements can depend on our full-fledged Tool Room for the development of special components.

It is crucial to select the right mounting accessories based on the voltage level of the system and the size and weight of the transformer. Proper installation of these accessories helps improve the longevity of transformers.

We offer reliable and effective solutions for securely mounting transformers in power systems. With the company’s expertise in developing specialized components, customers can be assured of finding the right mounting accessories for their use case.


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