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Benaka has the capability of producing toroidal transformers for use in a variety of electronic devices, including power amplifiers, medical equipment, industrial control systems, and lighting systems.

Benaka’s toroidal transformers have become an increasingly popular choice among audio professionals due to their ability to provide a stable and consistent power supply, which is essential for achieving high-quality sound reproduction. 

Ability to choose from different types of winding machines to wind wires of various diameters, depending on the size and height of the Toroidal Cores is available at Benaka

In addition to Toroidal Power Transformers, Benaka Electronics produces multiple variants of Current Transformers (CTs) featuring a high-permeability Silicon Steel Toroidal Core on which the Secondary Coil is wound.

The CT winding generates a lower proportional current, which can be measured using precision measuring instruments. Additionally, CTs isolate the measuring instruments from high voltages and fluctuating mains voltages.

In-house facility for manufacturing of various accessories, enables the company to fulfil customer orders quickly.

  • Toroidal Power Transformers Rating range - 10 VA to 2 KVA
  • Diameter Range- Finished ID: 10mm and OD: 300mm, Maximum Height: 100mm.
  • Wire Diameter range- 0.09 mm to 3.0 mm in diameter
  • Cores, Core End Caps, and Enclosures
  • Current Transformers - PCB mountable, Clamp mountable, with Self / PVC leads, Encapsulated and Epoxy moulded

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