Ferrite Transformers

Benaka offers a comprehensive line of Ferrite Transformers primarily serving manufacturers in the Consumer Electronics Goods, Communication, and Computer Industries. These transformers find widespread use in various applications, including SMPS, Telecommunications Equipment, Computers, and Electronic Ballasts. Notably, Ferrite Transformers are an optimal choice for high-frequency applications due to their significantly lower eddy current loss compared to metallic magnetic materials.

Ferrite Cores with a high permeability are used to confine and guide magnetic fields. The high permeability, relative to the surrounding air, causes the magnetic field lines to be concentrated in the core material.

Product Variants
  • EI, EE, EP, ER, EFD, ETD, UU Cores 
  • Drum Cores
  • Ferrite Rods
  • Pot Cores
  • RM Cores
  • Toroidal Cores

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