Glass epoxy materials are widely preferred for manufacturing transformer bobbins, owing to their exceptional electrical insulation properties and robust mechanical strength.  They can endure higher mechanical stress and vibrations without breaking, which is a significant advantage.

Benaka is a renowned manufacturer of a broad range of bobbins utilizing Glass Epoxy Laminates. These bobbins exhibit superior dimensional stability, and they can withstand harsh environments and mechanical stress, moisture, and chemicals.

Moreover, Glass Epoxy bobbins possess a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which makes them highly stable under varying temperature conditions. This property makes them an ideal choice for applications that require stability.

Benaka’s comprehensive range of glass epoxy bobbins adheres to international standards defined by:

  • EI Laminations – Single Phase
  • EI Laminations – Three Phase
  • UI Laminations

Glass Epoxy bobbins are a dependable and high-performance option for transformer manufacturers, and Benaka’s commitment to quality and reliability assures the longevity of its products.

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