Using advanced core construction techniques our toroidal cores are primarily made from Grain Oriented Silicon Steel with a range of diameters and thicknesses. These materials are carefully selected based on the specific application requirements and are designed to deliver exceptional magnetic properties, such as high permeability and low hysteresis losses. We also manufacture cores using Non-Grain Oriented materials for sensing applications that are price-sensitive and non-critical.

At Benaka, we use prime-grade raw materials to ensure the high quality and repeatability of our cores across different batches. Our manufacturing infrastructure is equipped with a wide range of mandrel sizes and an extensive range of raw material grades, enabling us to develop and supply toroidal cores as per customer specifications and on short notice.

The raw material is slit using carbide or steel cutters, with close tolerances maintained on both the width and burr levels to ensure a high stacking factor and reduced no-load losses and improve efficiency in transformers. Annealing of the toroidal cores is done in a furnace with a controlled inert environment, resulting in improved magnetic properties, reduced residual stresses, and enhanced transformer performance and efficiency.

We understand that customers may have unique designs and requirements, and we work with them to manufacture toroidal cores according to their specific needs. In addition to our vast inventory of mandrels, we have an in-house tool room that supplements the development of mandrels required for customized cores based on specific customer designs.

We also provide a range of metal plates and insulating rubber washers (Neoprene & Natural Rubber) for mounting the Toroidal Transformers.

  • Thicknesses ranging from 0.20 mm to 0.35 mm
  • Diameter range ID: 8 mm to 150 mm OD : upto 200 mm depending on the inner diameter.
  • Height: between 4 mm to 40 mm.


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