Our range of Coils & Inductors used are used in various electronic applications, including Buzzers, Relays, and Solenoids. With state-of-the-art infrastructure we are able to expertly wind Bobbinless coils for speaker coil assemblies, load cell applications using Self Bonding Wires as thin as 30 microns.

The production team is well-trained to handle specialized winding specifications, shields, insulation requirements, and other complex needs that are difficult to achieve with fully automatic machines.

To ensure optimal performance, all coils undergo a rigorous factory testing process for compliance with corresponding specifications. In addition, we offer options for impregnation in our vacuum plant or epoxy coating based on requirements.

In house manufacturing and reliable inventory levels allow us to facilitate quick production of Coils tailored to customer needs. The result is a superior quality product at a cost-effective price, even for small batch orders.

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