UI Laminated

We manufacture UI Laminated Transformers of various power ratings and current capacities.

We use high-quality CRNGO and CRGO materials to manufacture our transformers to ensure high efficiency. The transformers are copper wound and designed for 100% power rating for better regulation and performance.

Mounting arrangements can be customized to fulfill the specific needs. For instance, a flatbed type would minimize the overall height of the transformer, while vertical mounting can be employed to save floor space in the cabinet.

Due to the use of high-quality materials and our commitment to customizability and attention to detail, our UI Laminated Transformers offer superior performance and reliability.

  • UI Lamination size range of UI-30 to UI-228.6 Laminations.
  • Power Rating - 2 VA to 10 KVA
  • Wire size Range - 0.03 mm round wires to 20 mm2 flat strips
  • Lower Core Loss and increased efficiency due to low magnetic reluctance path
  • Better Regulation due to lower leakage inductance and high magnetic coupling.
  • Improved Thermal Performance due to the greater surface area of the core resulting in better heat dissipation

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