Nylon bobbins are a popular choice for transformer manufacturers due to their lightweight, high mechanical strength, and excellent electrical insulation properties.

At Benaka, we manufacture a wide range of bobbins using Nylon 6 – 30% Glass Filled material in various configurations:

  • Clamp Mountable Bobbins for Single Phase Laminations
  • Clamp Mountable Bobbins for Three Phase Laminations
  • PCB Mountable Bobbins with insertable pins
  • PCB Mountable Bobbins with pins inserted
  • Bobbins for Solenoid / Relay Coils
  • Bobbins for Ferrite Cores

In addition to the bobbins Benaka also manufactures mounting accessories for use in the Transformers as the following:

  • Top Hats – Isolation Bushes for Screws – simple yet critical components help reduce no-load currents in transformers, improving their efficiency
  • Spacers for mounting terminal blocks, etc
  • Mounting Accessories – I Strips – provide reliable and cost-effective wire termination solutions
  • End Caps for Toroidal Cores
  • Enclosures for Toroidal Current Transformers
  • Cases for Toroidal Power Transformers

These accessories are designed to meet the needs of transformer manufacturers and ensure the proper installation of Transformers and related components.

Our bobbins, manufactured using Nylon 6 – 30% Glass Filled material, can be customized according to specific customer requirements, including the use of materials with UL Approval, Fire Retardant grades, etc. We understand the critical role that bobbins play in the transformer manufacturing process and strive to deliver products that meet the stringent quality standards of our customers.

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