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At Benaka, we have carved a niche in the transformer manufacturing industry with our expertise in producing EI Laminated transformers – Single Phase and Three Phase. Our line of transformers come with a wide range of power ratings.
Our transformers feature various wire sizes ranging from ultra-thin to flat strips. We use high-quality CRNGO and CRGO materials to manufacture our transformers, ensuring that they are robust and long-lasting. Copper Wound and designed for 100% full power rating our Transformers can handle the most demanding conditions.

  • Single Phase Transformers from 0.5 VA to 10 KVA
  • Three Phase Transformers from 50 VA to 10 KVA
  • Wire size Range - 0.03 mm round wires to 20 mm² flat strips
  • EI Lamination sizes - EI-19 to EI-420
  • Mounting arrangements - L & C Clamp Mounting, U Brackets, PCB Mountable.
  • Terminations - Self Leads with Sleeving, PVC / Teflon Cables and various options of connectors

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