Benaka offers a range of clamps and brackets specifically designed for mounting single-phase transformers. These include L & C Shaped Clamps and U Brackets, which can be used with both Metric and Imperial range of laminations that have holes and can be used for both Flying Lead and Terminal Plate arrangements. The U Brackets are best suited for smaller-sized laminations that do not have holes. When used with base plates, they protect a larger surface area of the laminations.

To ensure maximum rigidity, the clamps and brackets are made from high-quality CR sheets and are zinc yellow plated with passivation or nickel plated. Plating options can be customized as per the specific requirements of customers.

The thickness of the clamps is carefully selected based on the weight and size of the transformer, providing rigid support to ensure the transformer remains securely mounted.

Benaka’s range of clamps and brackets for mounting single-phase transformers offers a reliable and effective solution for secure installation.

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