Benaka offers a range of mounting accessories for toroidal transformers, including rubber washers and metal plates. The rubber washers are available in a variety of sizes and are typically made from Natural Rubber or Neoprene Rubber. The thickness of the rubber sheets can be customized and is chosen based on the size of the transformers and to provide sufficient insulation.

The metal plates used on top of the rubber washers are made from high-quality CR sheets and are zinc blue plated with passivation. Customers have the option of choosing the plating colour. The thickness of the metal plates is carefully selected based on the weight and size of the transformer, providing rigid support to ensure the transformer remains securely mounted on the cabinets.

Benaka also manufactures a wide range of insulation end caps using Nylon 6 or Polypropylene materials for used on the Toroidal cores before winding the copper wires onto the cores. The material and the thickness of the core caps are chosen / designed to provide sufficient insulation between the toroidal core and the copper windings while taking care not to increase the overall dimensions of the finished part.

We also produce enclosures for Toroidal Transformers – Power Transformers and Current Transformers. The enclosures are easy to install and provide a secure housing for the transformers.  

Benaka’s range of mounting accessories for toroidal transformers are designed with quality materials and careful attention to detail. These accessories provide reliable and effective solutions for the secure installation and functioning of toroidal transformers.

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